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Energy drinks and other energy supplements are a widespread tool for today’s busy lifestyles. 8-HOUR Energy Patches provide a sensible and safe alternative to drinking your energy.



Reduces mental and physical fatigue



Stimulates nervous system and increases memory


Green Tea Extract

Antioxidant and anti-micro bacterial for your system


Panax Ginseng

Improves thinking, concentration, memory and work efficiency.


Vitamin B Compound


Vitamin B1

Aids in the catabolism of sugars and amino acids


Vitamin B2

Increases energy and boost immune system


Vitamin B3

Converts carbohydrates into glucose for burning fat


Vitamin B4

Acts as a co-enzyme with other vitamins to enhance metabolism


Vitamin B5

Critical for metabolism and carbohydrate synthesis


Vitamin B6

Aids the production of glucose for energy

The Patch

The 8-HOUR Energy Patch combines superior all natural energy ingredients with a safe and effective delivery system to provide you with an energized day with no side effects. Each patch contains a proprietary blend of B vitamins, green tea extract, caffeine and taurine. Apply two patches to clean lotion-free skin and your body heat will activate the ingredients, giving you quick and sustainable energy.


The 8-HOUR Energy Patches completely bypass the digestive tract so you don’t feel any discomfort from excessive sugar or preservatives. Due to the fact that the patch completely bypasses your GI tract during use, it helps you effectively retain B vitamins and water in your system. Both of which are essential to a healthy and active lifestyle.


Energy drinks these days have a plethora of flavors and each one has it’s own indescribable and acquired taste. With the 8-HOUR Energy Patch, there is nothing to taste so all you get is your supply of consistent energy for your daily needs. Not to mention the patches also contain, ZERO calories, ZERO sugar, and ZERO preservatives.


Drinking a large energy drink can not only send out the wrong message, but also compromise your digestive system. 8-HOUR Energy Patches are small and discrete, and won’t mess with your digestive system. They are easily carried in your purse or pocket for those times where you need an instant boost of energy. 8-HOUR Energy Patches provide an extra benefit to frequent fliers because they are easily carried through airport security unlike other energy drinks. With the 8-HOUR Energy Patch, you will never be without your daily energy needs.

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